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किताबें बेचकर पहुंचे मुंबई, पहले बने हीरो फिर खलनायक, बदल दी बॉलीवुड में विलेन की इमेज, पहचाना?

Mumbai: In Bollywood, there are some actors who couldn’t achieve fame by becoming heroes but found fame by playing villains. These stars created a sensation in the industry with their style and powerful dialogue delivery, surpassing even the big heroes in popularity. One such villain in Bollywood was Ajit Khan, who was known as the most famous and expensive villain of his time. Ajit, who became famous as ‘Lion’ in Hindi films, always delighted the audience with his style whenever he appeared on the screen. Ajit’s real name was Hamid Ali Khan, but he became famous as Ajit in the industry and among fans.

Ajit was the most famous villain of his time. However, before stepping into the industry, he faced many difficulties. Ajit always dreamed of becoming a hero because acting was not considered a good profession in those days. Like other parents, Ajit’s parents were also against his desire to become an actor. They wanted Ajit to do something good and earn a name. But Ajit was determined to fulfill his dream and headed towards Mumbai.

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Ajit Khan was one of Bollywood’s most famous villains. In 1940, Ajit found a path to fulfill his dream and became a hero. Despite his good physique and powerful style, his films started flopping. At that time, a friend suggested that he try playing villains. After considering it, Ajit decided to become a villain and established his identity in the industry. In his film career, he worked in more than 200 films, mostly as a villain, and looted the limelight. His dialogue “The whole city knows me as Lion” is still famous. This dialogue made Ajit the “Lion” of Hindi cinema.



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