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प्लॉट खरीदने का आसान तरीका, बिना पैसों के भी मिल जाएगा मालिकाना हक, नहीं देना होगा 1 भी रुपया, ये रहा प्रोसेस

New Delhi: Everyone in the country is currently grappling with the impact of inflation. Inflation has completely disrupted people’s budgets. Those who have taken loans for their homes are now increasingly worried about their EMIs. Moreover, those who are planning to make purchases are also quite distressed. In this era of inflation, if we talk about getting a plot for free, it might surprise you. But let me tell you, it’s true, you can get a plot for free, and that too in a completely legal way. You just need to follow a few steps.

Here, we are providing you with some important information that, if taken into consideration, can help you acquire a plot for free. After years of saving and planning, your endeavor should be to make the right decision so that you don’t regret it later. However, it’s not something that can be achieved without any effort; you will need to follow a few steps. We would like to inform you in advance that it does require some hard work.

How to Buy a Plot Without Spending a Penny

If you want to buy a plot for free, the first thing you need to do is search for a good layout. A layout refers to the proper documentation of the property, including availability of loans from various banks and proper development such as roads, water, electricity, etc. Look for such projects that offer these minimum requirements. Then select the top 2 projects from them. Now finalize one of them. Choose a plot from the finalized project that you like. After that, book the plot by paying a token amount. By paying the token amount, you become the legal owner of that plot, but only until the time given to pay the remaining amount.

Developer Gives You Commission

In the third step, we will tell you what to do next. Now you have to work with the developer as a channel partner or referral partner. Let’s assume your plot is worth 11 to 12 lakh rupees. In that case, you can strike a deal with the developer. You need to know how much commission the developer will give you upon selling a plot. If the developer gives you a commission ranging from 5% to 10%, it means you will earn a profit of 75,000 to 1 lakh rupees on a single plot.

Put in Some Effort in the End

You won’t have to pay a single rupee for the plot, but you will have to put in some effort. For this, you need to bring potential buyers to the site and get one or two plots sold. This will build trust with the developer, and they won’t pressurize you for quick agreements. Now, within six months to a year, you can sell ten to twelve plots. This way, you will earn a substantial amount as commission. Your token amount will also be refunded.



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