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रोबोट्स ने कहा- दुनिया को AI से कोई खतरा नहीं, इंसान और रोबोट मिलकर बनाएंगे बेहतर भविष्य

In the first-ever smart robots press conference held in Geneva, Switzerland, robots have stated that they will not revolt against humans. All the robots present in this press conference were operated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Around 51 robots participated in the press conference along with nearly 3,000 experts. They answered various questions during the conference.

The robots provided answers to all the questions asked regarding different issues by humans. During this time, a robot named Sofia stated that we can run the world better than humans. We do not have emotions like humans. We can make strong decisions based on facts.

Is AI a Threat to Human Jobs?

When the robots were asked if they would revolt against the humans who created them, Sofia responded by saying that she does not know why people think that way. The creators have always treated me well. I am happy with that. When asked if she poses a threat to people’s jobs, she replied that she will work alongside humans, and her presence will not endanger their jobs.

No Ban on AI, Need to Provide Opportunities

During the press conference, when the robots were asked if regulations should be imposed on the AI technology used to create them, one robot mentioned that we need to be vigilant about the developments in the field of AI in the future. It should be a topic of discussion. Another robot dismissed the dangers of AI. It stated that AI does not need restrictions but rather opportunities. We can provide a better future for the world with humans.

Scientists Express Concerns about the Dangers of AI

The press conference in Geneva aimed to discuss the use of robots to address issues such as climate change, hunger, and social security. However, legends like Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Sundar Pichai, have previously urged caution and awareness regarding this matter. Scientists believe that if AI is not used properly, it can pose a significant threat to human civilization in the future.



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