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Adipurush Box Office Collection Day 7: Minimal Earnings Despite Reduced Ticket Prices

Om Raut was in the limelight even before release of Adipurush. In fact, the film had such a high budget that it was bound to attract attention. With its story inspired by the Ramayana, fans were eagerly awaiting the release of this film. However, just three days after its release, the film experienced a decline. Nevertheless, within these three days, the film managed to earn a tremendous amount not only in India but also worldwide. As a result, the film received promotion on social media as well. But now, as the seventh day approaches, the film’s earnings are consistently declining. Let us tell you how much Adipurush has earned in seven days.

According to initial figures, Adipurush has earned only 5.50 crore on the seventh day, Thursday, bringing the total collection of the film to 260.55 crore. However, the film has already earned over 410 crore worldwide, surpassing the 410 crore mark. Now, with the continuous decline in earnings, fans are speculating whether the film will be able to recover its budget at the box office or not.

Speaking of earnings, the film made 86.75 crore on the first day, 65.25 crore on the second day, 69.1 crore on the third day, and 18 crore on the fourth day. On the fifth day, the film earned 10.7 crore, and on the sixth day, it earned 7.25 crore. When it comes to the worldwide box office, the film has already surpassed the 410 crore mark with its earnings on the fifth day.

It is worth noting that the makers of Adipurush had announced a reduction in ticket prices on June 22 and June 23. Additionally, changes have been made to the dialogues of Hanuman in the film, which has sparked discussions on social media. However, the impact of these changes does not seem to be significantly affecting the film’s earnings.



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