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After Arvind Kejriwal and his Ministers, Yamuna Water can now enter the Homes of many IAS and IPS officers


New Delhi. The water level of Yamuna in Delhi is continuously increasing. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has also issued a rain alert for several states, including Delhi, for Thursday. The IMD has issued a warning of rain in Delhi as well as Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, UP and Bihar. In such a situation, if there is rain in the capital Delhi on Thursday, then the water level of Yamuna will increase further. In such a situation, water can enter many VIP areas of Delhi along with low-lying areas. Delhi Cm Arvind Kejriwal’s residence is in the Civil Lines area adjacent to the Yamuna, so the risk of water entering there has also increased. The area is also home to several IAS and IPS officers of the Delhi government.

Meanwhile, many more agencies including the Delhi government and the Central Government’s NDRF are evacuating people to safer places. Delhi Police has imposed Section 144 in the flood-affected areas. Union Home Minister Amit Shah himself is reviewing the situation. Shah is constantly taking reports from LG VK Saxena about the flood situation in Delhi. Meanwhile, the Delhi government has written a letter to the Central Government objecting to the continuous release of water from the Hathini Kund Barrage. The Delhi government has demanded that a limited amount of water be released from the Hathini Kund barrage.

Floods like situation in Delhi Yamuna River Overflowing

By Thursday morning, water had reached the Ring Road in Delhi. (ANI Photo)

Floods wreak havoc in Delhi
Significantly, by Thursday morning, water has reached the Ring Road in Delhi. The drainage system of the roads in low-lying areas of Delhi is not working. The water has started to hit the back flow. The situation can become even more serious due to the closure of the drainage of water. In such a situation, the ring road around Kashmiri Bus Stand, Vasudev Park, Nigam Bodh Ghat, Majnu Ka Tila has been flooded. The monastery market is completely submerged in water. ITO, the areas adjacent to civil lines are the residences of all ministers of the Delhi government, including Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and IAS and IPS officers.

These agencies issued advisories
The Delhi Police has said that due to the rise in the water level of Yamuna, traffic will be controlled in Wazirabad Bridge, Outer Ring Road between Vikas Marg, Kalighat Temple, Delhi Secretariat Area from Thursday. Along with this, many roads of Delhi will also be closed and diverted. The water level of the Yamuna river in Delhi was recorded at 208.46 meters at 7 am on Thursday, while it crossed the danger mark of 207.49 meters at 1 pm on Wednesday. On Wednesday too, the NDRF has evacuated more than 200 people. Along with this, cows and dogs are also being removed. On Wednesday, more than a dozen cows and dogs were rescued with the help of locals.

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The water level of Yamuna is flowing at 207.55 meters, which was last 45 years ago in 1978 at 207.49 level. (ANI Photo)

THE BJP has alleged this.
Meanwhile, after lg regarding floods in Delhi, now BJP has also surrounded Kejriwal government. Bjp MP Manoj Tiwari told News18, “Kejriwal did not leave the house even after getting information about the threat. He continued to spread rumors on Twitter. It is surprising that when there was prior information that there is going to be a flood and the flood crisis persists every year and the problem of waterlogging occurs every year during the rains, then why did the Kejriwal government not solve it in the last 8 years? Despite thousands of crores of rupees being given by the central government, Kejriwal could not even plan to repair the sewer system. If this is not called incompetence, what else can be said?”

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In view of the terrible flood situation in Delhi, advisories are being issued continuously. After the Delhi Disaster Management Authority, the MCD has also issued an advisory for Nigam Bodh Ghat. There is a constant possibility of Yamuna water coming to Nigam Bodh Ghat. This can hinder cremation. The traffic police are also constantly diverting. The MCD has prepared 5,000 bags of soil to protect it from water. Along with this, guidelines have also been issued for construction sites.

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