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Annual Ritual in Bhind: Ram Janki Temple Weighs Soil to Predict Crop Yield and Future Outcomes

Arvind Sharma/Bhind. The Ram Janki temple in Udotgan village of the district is weighed every year in July. During this time, the production of the crop from the soil is estimated. In the coming year, what will be expensive, what will be cheaper, it is also known. At the same time, the future of humans and animals is also predicted. This tradition has been going on for many years.

Temple priest Lakhandas Maharaj says that this Ramjanaki temple of the village is 300 years old. For the last 250 years, every Guru Purnima evening aarti has been kept with grains, spices, etc. as well as 10-10 grams of soil named after human and animal. On the second day, after the morning aarti, this soil and other materials are picked up. After that, everyone is weighed with soil by a trader who comes from outside.

10 grams of soil shows the future
The belief is that if any of the ingredients are less than 10 grams, then estimate that the yield of that crop will be low, if a crop increases in weight then it is estimated that the yield of this crop will increase. Apart from this, human soil and animal soil are kept, if the weight of this soil increases, then it is estimated that the human population will increase and if the soil decreases, then the population will decrease. In the same way, the soil of the animal is weighed and detected.

This year’s figures
In this year’s forecast, potato, fenugreek, gram, moong, groundnut, urad, fenugreek, chana, soha, sesame, paddy have not decreased or increased. Wheat flour (1.25 mg), Sunseed (75 mg), Peas (50 mg), Fennel (225 mg), Castor (0.75 mg), Cumin (1 kg), Maize (1.50 mg), Jowar (1.50 mg), Coriander (2.0 mg), Millet (75 mg), Masoor (2.0 mg), Masoor (2.0 mg), Masoor (2.0 mg), Arhar (1.0 kg), Wheat (50 mg), Wheat (50 mg) and Wheat (50 mg) have been increased.

Corona came when human soil decreased in 2020
Every year, a trader from Porsa is called to weigh ashadhi in which he weighs. Jasvir Singh Bhadauria says that this year the soil named after humans and animals decreased by only 125 mg, while in 2020 it decreased by 525 mg. Then Corona wreaked havoc all over the world.

This time the human-animal soil decreased again.
Compared to last year, this year the human-animal soil has decreased by 1.25 – 1.25 mg, it is estimated that this time there may be a threat to human life, as well as animal life.



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