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Apollo Launches Apollo Children’s: Enhancing Pediatric Care with Specialized Expertise and Advanced Facilities

Apollo has launched ‘Apollo Children’s’ to provide better treatment for the future generation of the country, where children struggling with serious illnesses can receive improved care and treatment. Over 40 hospitals in the country will be part of this network. More than 400 specialist doctors in the network will strive to elevate pediatric healthcare to a new level through their experience and knowledge. The network will have a capacity of over 900 beds, ensuring better medical services for children 24/7.

Apollo Children’s network will provide treatment for congenital disorders along with gastrointestinal, liver, and neurodevelopmental conditions. Additionally, treatment for kidney, oncology, liver transplantation, and heart-related diseases will also be available. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and expertise, the Apollo Children’s network aims to provide high-quality care to deserving children. Efforts will be made to establish the best pediatric healthcare with a comprehensive approach and family-centered care in the country.

Designed as a one-stop destination

Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman of Apollo, mentioned that in their 40-year journey, Apollo has provided world-class care not only in India but also to children from over 50 countries. We have designed Apollo Children’s as a one-stop destination with our skilled pediatric specialists, where children will receive the highest quality care in all aspects of their health. There is a need to cover the entire spectrum of child development. Therefore, our goal is to provide multidimensional and advanced care to children, so that new standards can be established.

Specialists for different diseases will be available

Dr. Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson of Apollo, stated that at Apollo, our efforts revolve around the patient and their care. We are fully prepared to bring a revolution in pediatric healthcare in India with the largest number of pediatric specialists, our legacy, and the best technology. Apollo Children’s will have specialists for different diseases, and it will provide India with excellent healthcare facilities that facilitate the medical journey of children and their parents.

Advancing towards excellence in pediatric care

Sunita Reddy, Managing Director of Apollo, said that our primary goal is to promote a child-friendly environment, ensuring personalized attention and the highest level of care. We are committed to providing comprehensive pediatric care, from common colds to major surgeries. Our endeavor is to not only provide comprehensive multidisciplinary expertise, treatment, and infrastructure for all serious cases but also continuously strive for excellence in pediatric care.

Pediatric care with 25 specializations

Sindoori Reddy, CEO of Apollo’s Southern Region, mentioned that Apollo Children’s will provide primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary level of medical care, making it the preferred destination for 24/7 pediatric care. Apollo Children’s has over 25 specializations, including pediatric endocrinology, pediatric cardiac surgery, pediatric intensive care, pediatric oncology, pediatric robotics, urology, neonatology, and more.

More than 500 liver transplantations at Apollo

Dr. Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director of Apollo Hospitals, stated that Apollo Indraprastha Hospital in Delhi became the country’s first hospital to successfully perform pediatric liver transplantation in 1998. Since then, we have performed more than 500 liver transplantations. Apollo Hospitals has achieved success in various rare cases, including highly complex pediatric medical robotics, pediatric and neonatal heart surgeries, bone marrow transplants, and kidney transplants. With the launch of Apollo Children’s, we believe that we will establish a new benchmark by providing comprehensive newborn, pediatric, and adolescent care in the country.



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