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ARANMANAI 3 Tamil Movie Download, Review Guide

“Aranmanai 3” is a story of a female ghost who seeks revenge against those who killed her, her lover, and her daughter.

Landlord Sampat lives in a mansion with his daughter, sister, and other relatives. His daughter claims that there is a ghost in the house. Disbelieving her, he thinks she is lying and sends her to a boarding school. Several years later, Sampat’s daughter, Rashi Khanna, comes to the city to attend the last rites of that driver who had raised her.

The granddaughter of Rashi Khanna’s aunt has a demonic ghost. She believes that the ghost is her friend and plays with it. When Achiremi’s father, Sundar, arrives, he discovers these mysteries and tries to find out about them. After that, shocking events and the background are revealed.

The plot remains unresolved, such as answering questions about how the driver died, why the ghost seeks revenge, what his past is, why Sampat burns without showing affection for his daughter, and whether he was capable of driving away the ghost.

At the beginning of the film, Sundar tells the audience that there is no room for even the slightest worry or carelessness in ‘Aranmanai 1, 2’. The same template that was present in 1,2 continues here. However, there is no novelty or simplicity in it. The screenplay can be seen as a title card for Venkat Raghavan and Vasantham Badri. Unfortunately, they didn’t put in the necessary effort.

How to watch or download ARANMANAI 3 Tamil Movie

You can watch or download ARANMANAI 3 Tamil Movie on ZEE5.


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