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Controversial Film ‘Adipurush’ Faces Backlash and Dialogue Writer Apologizes: A Look at the Controversy and Public Reaction

New Delhi. The film ‘Adipurush,’ which created a lot of controversy even before its release, continues to generate buzz even after its release. Directed by Om Raut and made with a budget of 500 crores, the film was released on June 16 and received heavy criticism for its expensive production. Not only the director, but also the film’s dialogue writer Manoj Muntashir faced severe trolling from the public. Now, 23 days after the film’s release, Manoj Muntashir has realized his mistake and publicly acknowledged that people’s sentiments have been hurt because of him.

After facing tremendous trolling following the release of ‘Adipurush,’ Manoj Muntashir has apologized. It has been 23 days since the film’s release, and now the film’s dialogue writer has tweeted to apologize for hurting the feelings of fans, saints, and devotees of Lord Rama. Let’s find out what he wrote in his tweet…

Acknowledging the mistake after 23 days

Manoj Muntashir has finally realized his mistake and decided to apologize through a tweet. In his tweet, he wrote, “I accept that the film Adipurush has hurt people’s sentiments. I sincerely apologize to all my brothers, sisters, elders, respected saints, and devotees of Lord Rama without any conditions. May Lord Hanuman shower his blessings on all of us and grant us the power to serve our holy and great nation with unwavering devotion!”

Tweet by Manoj Muntashir

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Audience demanded a boycott of the film
In fact, many people were angry about the dialogues of various characters shown in the film ‘Adipurush,’ which led to the film’s makers and dialogue writer Manoj Muntashir being targeted. In their anger, the audience demanded a boycott of the film. The film is based on the Ramayana, and the portrayal in the film has hurt people’s sentiments.
Even the High Court criticized

The High Court has also reprimanded the censor board and the producers-directors of the film ‘Adipurush,’ which has led the makers to decide to change the dialogues. Despite making efforts to edit the film and release a modified version in theaters, the makers have been unable to win the hearts of the audience.

Makers facing huge losses

The film was released in theaters on June 16. It received negative reviews from both audiences and critics. While the film had a good opening day collection, the collections dropped significantly afterwards. It is also proving difficult for this 500 crore-budget film to recover its investment. The film has earned only 177 crores worldwide.



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