Home Business Dr. Faruk Gulam Patel: From Poverty to a 2000 Crore Business Empire

Dr. Faruk Gulam Patel: From Poverty to a 2000 Crore Business Empire

Dr. Faruk Gulam Patel: From Poverty to a 2000 Crore Business Empire

Every successful person in the world has faced failure multiple times. Today’s wealthy businessman has experienced extreme poverty at some point in his life. We come across many such stories of successful industrialists and personalities. One of these individuals is Dr. Faruk Gulam Patel, the Chairman and Managing Director of the K.P. Group, whose success story inspires millions of young entrepreneurs.

Faruk Gulam Patel, who hails from Gujarat, started his life in poverty. His father worked as a bus conductor, which made it difficult for the family to make ends meet. With a desire to achieve something significant, Faruk Gulam Patel moved to Mumbai and began his journey of success from there.

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Success Found through National and International Ventures With the aspiration to do something big, Dr. Faruk Gulam Patel arrived in Mumbai from Gujarat. In the beginning, he took up various small jobs. He worked for a meager salary and then started studying import-export trade. For further studies, in 1990, he joined the Manmade Textile Research Association.

In 1991, Dr. Faruk Gulam Patel went to England. However, he had to face initial struggles even in a foreign land and started working at a café. After staying away from the country for two years, he returned to Surat in 1993. Upon his return, he soon started a carting company. But in 1994, with an investment of 1 lakh rupees, he established the K.P. Group.

From 1 lakh to a Business of 2000 Crores Today In the path of Dr. Patel’s journey, a crucial turning point came when he started K.P. Buildcon Private Limited. This company began working in the telecommunications sector in 2001. Understanding the importance of communication and the growing need for communication towers, he decided to strategically develop his company in 16 Indian states. After achieving success in this business, he entered the renewable energy market.

In 2008, he established K.P.I. Green Energy and made an entry into the solar energy industry. Then, in 2010, he further expanded his portfolio by establishing K.P. Energy, focusing on wind energy projects. Today, Dr. Faruk Gulam Patel’s company possesses more than 1,500 acres of land, Gujarat’s largest private solar park, and a portfolio of over 2 gigawatts of green energy. The K.P. Group has a commercial empire worth over 2,000 crores in India.


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