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First, Left Home for Ghulam, Now Left Nation for Sachin… Border Love: Truth or Conspiracy? Questions Arise from the Affidavit

New Delhi: Many questions are being raised about Seema Haider, who came to India for her love Sachin from neighboring country Pakistan. While Seema is on the radar of the investigating agencies, Seema Haider’s husband Ghulam Haider, who lives in Saudi Arabia, is making different claims every day. Seema had said during an interview that she was forcibly married to Ghulam, but Ghulam has sent her and Seema’s photos, nikah nama and ration card to the media.

Many questions are being raised by the nikah nama sent by Ghulam to News18 India. The question is also being raised whether Seema’s love with Sachin is not a conspiracy. Isn’t Seema trying to plot something on the pretext of Sachin? Speaking to the media, Seema had claimed that she was forcibly married to Ghulam. But Nikah Nama is saying something different from this claim.

Did Seema Haider hide her real age?

The age mentioned by Seema Haider in this affidavit is different from her other affidavit filed in Pakistan. An affidavit of Seema has come to light, which is related to her marriage with Ghulam Haider in Pakistan. In this nearly 8-year-old affidavit, Seema talks about leaving the family of her own free will and marrying Ghulam Haider.

“About 10 days ago, I left my parents’ house on the ground that my parents, who are greedy persons, forcibly wanted to marry me off without any proper consideration to a person who was a vagabond,” “Seema said in her affidavit.” Their will and consent which I didn’t like, so I intended to leave my parents’ house. ‘

I will live a happy life…

“I, on my own volition, without any pressure, without fear, without any pressure on me from any quarter, have decided to enter into a marriage contract with the said Ghulam Haider Zakhrani. ‘ “I think he will keep me as his wife and as his wife I will lead a happy life,” Seema further said in the affidavit. ‘



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