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Heartbreaking Loss: Child Swept Away in Jaipur’s Heavy Rain Tragedy

Jaipur. The heavy rainfall in the capital city of Jaipur on Monday brought immense sorrow to a family that will never forget it. During this rain, an innocent child got swept away in the floodwaters on the streets and met an untimely death. The child had come out of the house to catch a floating slipper in the rainwater. However, he was unaware that his innocent act would lead him to the jaws of death. After the incident, the family of the child is devastated. Local residents have demanded financial assistance for the affected family.

The incident took place on Monday in the MurliPura Police Station area of Jaipur during the city’s rainfall. The name of the seven-year-old boy who fell victim to the overflowing floodwaters on the city streets was Rishi Kumar. It is reported that the boy came out of the house to catch a floating slipper in the rainwater. However, he couldn’t understand the swift flow of water and fell into a two-feet deep pothole on the roadside. He was then swept away by the rushing water.

The innocent child, Rishi, hailed from Jharkhand

As soon as the information reached his family, panic spread among his relatives. The police and rescue teams were immediately notified. However, the water flow was so rapid that Rishi got submerged in it. After extensive search efforts, Rishi’s body was found nearly one kilometer away. Rishi was originally from Jharkhand. After receiving news of the incident, a large number of people gathered at the residence located in Shree Niwas Nagar on Road No. 6. Observing the situation, the police also arrived later.

Child Rights Commission Demands a Fact-Finding Report from the Collector

The Chairperson of the Child Rights Commission, Sangita Beniwal, considered this incident to be grave. Beniwal has demanded a factual report from the Jaipur collector regarding this matter. The directive to provide the report to the commission within three days has been given. Beniwal has also instructed for the appropriate arrangements for the safety of open drains. It is worth mentioning that prior to this incident, on Sunday night during the heavy downpour in Ajmer, an RPS officer named Santosh Kumar also fell into a water-filled pothole. His body was found 18 hours later.



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