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Here people eat cups after drinking tea, it’s a great idea!

If someone tells you – instead of throwing away the cup after drinking tea, eat it, then it will be a little surprising. We often see strange things on social media. News18 Local will tell you about one such unique thing through this news. There is a shop in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, where people enjoy a cup of tea after drinking it.

In fact, since the ban on plastic, the problems of shopkeepers have increased, but they say that an opportunity can not be found in every disaster. Proving this line, a tea seller from Bhopal came up with a jugaad. He launched such a cup which can be easily eaten after drinking tea. The special thing is that this cup is available in many flavors like chocolate, butterscotch, pineapple, etc.

Customers are liking the idea of ‘Drink Tea, Eat Cup’

This innovative idea remains a topic of discussion among the people. It is very much liked. The unique edible cup is a better alternative to plastic disposal. This will help to avoid damage to the environment. Also, after drinking tea, you can eat this cup like a biscuit.

The idea of ‘Tea Pio, Cup Khao’ is becoming very popular among people on social media platforms. From children to the elderly, they are expressing their eagerness to drink tea in this cup, then chew it and eat it. Drinking tea in this cup also helps you get rid of problems like frequent washing of tea cups.



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