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Innovative Jugaad: Farmers in Indore Create Homemade Pesticide Pump for Efficient Crop Protection

Indore/Dhar: These days, a very trending technique has become popular among farmers in Shivnagar village, located near Khandwa Road in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. However, this is not a machine made by any big company or brand, but the result of the farmers’ own ingenuity. In fact, you may have seen the manual pumps for spraying pesticides that are strapped to the back and used to spray chemicals on crops in the fields under the scorching sun. However, this method requires a lot of effort and time. Besides, farmers face a lot of difficulties with it. To avoid these difficulties, farmers have come up with their own jugaad (innovation) and it has been successful. Let us tell you about the handmade pesticide pump made from jugaad.

According to the farmers, whenever crops are sown in the fields, there is a risk of them being destroyed by pests. That is why pesticides are usually sprayed in the fields. Farmers prepare for it from time to time, but in India, manual pumps are the most widely used and farmers rely on them. Although there are many technical pumps available in the market, they are very expensive.

The farmers have devised a jugaad. Small-scale farmers who cannot afford expensive equipment have created a pump using jugaad. Farmers have attached a large stick to an old cart and fitted a sprinkler on it. They take this cart to the field and quickly spray the pesticides in a very short time. Moreover, attention has been paid to every detail while making this pump, such as keeping the tires very thin so that they do not cause damage to the crops.

It should be noted that as this information is spreading among the farmers, every farmer is engaged in making this pump for themselves. The materials used in it are easily available in the vicinity. Moreover, the bike used in this jugaad is also an old one. In addition, a regular water tank is used to mix the pesticide with water. According to the farmers, if you have an old bike, you can make this jugaad pump by spending only 5,000 rupees. It should be mentioned that this technique was suggested by a mechanic from Gulwa village in Dhar.



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