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Jalebi made from Potato and Banana will win hearts, great option of Falahar for Shiva devotees

Munger: Everyone is crazy about delicious sweets. Even in that, if jalebi is found to eat, then the fun doubles. If you are also fond of eating jalebis, then we will introduce you to a different variety of jalebi today. This special jalebi is not made from maida or wrist dal, but it is made by mixing potatoes and bananas. Once you taste the potato-banana jalebi, believe me, you will become crazy about it.

People have to wait for a year to eat this special jalebi. This jalebi is not available at all shops. It is specially made for Kanwaris in the month of Sawan. If you want to eat jalebi made of banana and potato, then you have to come to Munger’s Raw Kanwariya Path. Here it will be tasted only in a few hotels. This jalebi is completely vegetarian as well as falahari. Shiva devotees or other people who fast in Kanwar Yatra can eat this jalebi without worrying in the form of Falahar. This jalebi is available in the hotel of Kanwariya Path. The price of a piece of potato and banana jalebi is Rs 10.

Good fruit for those who fast

Many Shiva devotees, including Kanwariya Arun Poddar, Shivlok Poddar, Suman Kumar, Shambhu Kavi, who are tasting jalebi, praised jalebi made from a mixture of potatoes and bananas. There was nothing to eat on the way except fruit, but for the last few years, jalebi made by mixing potatoes and bananas is a better option for us. We eat this without any hesitation. By eating it, the body gets some energy and the mind becomes fresh.



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