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MG Gloster Blackstorm Edition: Challenging Toyota Fortuner’s Dominance in the Indian SUV Market

New Delhi. The first name that comes to mind in India for a full-size SUV is the Toyota Fortuner. Its impressive design, robust look, and powerful performance have made it the most popular SUV, all thanks to Toyota’s trust. Ford tried to compete by launching the Endeavour in the market, updating it twice, but it still couldn’t beat the Fortuner. Ford had to exit the Indian market due to declining sales. The same fate befell Chevrolet with its Captiva. Despite equipping it with great features to rival the Fortuner, people still preferred the Toyota SUV, leading Chevrolet to discontinue its operations in India. However, now a new SUV has entered the market to challenge the Fortuner, making no big announcements like Endeavour or Captiva. Quietly, this car has started making its place among people.

The SUV we are talking about here is the MG Gloster Blackstorm Edition. With its powerful engine, stunning design, and excellent features, this SUV is giving a tough competition to the Fortuner and has quickly become the third best-selling car in this segment. It has taken the fight straight to the Fortuner, offering comparable features and being nearly 10 lakh rupees cheaper. Let’s delve into what makes the MG Gloster stand out.

First, the Power:

The new edition of the Gloster hasn’t seen any changes to its engine. It still comes with a 2.0-liter twin-turbo diesel engine, generating 218 bhp of power. The car is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission and is available in 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive options.

Stunning Features

The Gloster offers an all-black interior. You’ll find power-operated front seats that are quite comfortable, with the driver’s seat even having ventilation and a massage option. Such features are not available in the Toyota Fortuner. The Gloster also comes with Level 2 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), a remarkable safety feature that outshines the Fortuner. Additionally, it offers a 360-degree camera view, a large infotainment system, and a full digital display, among other features.

Premium Interior

With an all-black interior, the Gloster exudes a premium feel. The dash and drawers are designed with soft-touch materials, while the black seats with white stitching add to the premium look. The black steering wheel with red stitching further enhances the appeal. Moreover, the back seats are made comfortable with ample under-thigh support.

One Feature Toyota Forgot

The demand for a sunroof has always been there in the Toyota Fortuner, but the company never paid attention to it. However, MG understood this demand well and equipped the Gloster with a panoramic sunroof. What’s even better is that it is entirely voice-operated, responding to your command to open or close.

More Mileage, Lower Price

Talking about mileage, the Gloster provides around 12 to 13 kilometers per liter in city rides and 15 kilometers per liter on the highway. In comparison, the Fortuner gives around 8 to 9 kilometers per liter in the city and 12 to 13 kilometers per liter on the highway. When it comes to pricing, the Gloster has given the Fortuner a tough competition. The top variant of the Fortuner costs around 52 lakh rupees, while the Gloster’s base model is priced at 43 lakh rupees.



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