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Microsoft Lays Off 1,000 Employees and Plans to Cut Over 10,000 Jobs in 2023

Microsoft has reportedly laid off 1,000 employees. This layoff took place last week and primarily affected employees in the sales and customer service departments. Additionally, the company has shut down its digital sales group, leading to the termination of customer service employees associated with that group. It has been recently reported that the company is planning to lay off more than 10,000 employees in 2023, and these 1,000 employees are said to be a part of that downsizing.

Renowned tech giant Microsoft has conducted a significant number of employee layoffs. The company has reduced its workforce by 1,000 people. According to Business Insider, Microsoft has already started the process of laying off over 10,000 employees throughout the year 2023. The company has begun this effort by cutting 1,000 positions. It has also closed its digital sales and success group, resulting in the removal of the sales and customer service teams associated with it. This has led to the dismissal of several employees involved in sales and customer service.

Media reports suggest that the company has also terminated the position of customer solution managers. Some of these employees have been shifted to another role called customer success account management. The layoffs have had the most significant impact on employees in the customer service department. However, engineering project managers and employees in the marketing department have also been affected by these layoffs.

Recently, reports surfaced that Microsoft had let go of 276 employees who were part of the customer service, support, and sales teams. A spokesperson from Microsoft stated in a media statement that organizational and workforce adjustments are routine tasks for business management. In May, the company had already conducted 158 layoffs, primarily from the Washington State region. It is noted that Microsoft had a workforce of 220,000 employees at the beginning of the year.



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