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Nokia Announces Refurbished Phone Sales As Part of Sustainability Strategy

Nokia has announced plans to start selling refurbished phones as part of its environmental sustainability strategy. HMD Global recently released its Sustainability Progress Report for 2023, providing information about the steps the company has taken to enhance its sustainability profile. Besides expanding its tree-planting campaign, the company is now including Nokia phone remanufacturing for resale.

In line with sustainability goals, Nokia has removed several accessories from its packages for smartphones and tablets. Charging bricks and wired headsets were among the most noticeable accessories removed, while the brand continues to progress with other sustainability initiatives. HMD Global revealed that it has planted over 418,000 trees so far, with tree-planting initiatives expanding to other countries. The tree-planting campaign is a partnership between HMD Global and Ecology.

Due to its sustainability efforts, Nokia has received various awards, including the EcoVadis Platinum Award 2023, for several of its businesses. Customers in Britain and Germany can now purchase used devices through recycling old Nokia phones. Nokia plans to extend its recycling program to other markets, providing customers with the opportunity to buy old and sturdy Nokia phones at lower prices.

In addition to these initiatives, HMD Global will also donate returned and refurbished phones to charity. The company has donated nearly 700 phones to people who lack access to digital technology. Furthermore, HMD Global has helped remove up to 3.5 tons of plastic from rivers. The current refurbishing and selling of used Nokia phones by HMD Global is primarily happening in Europe, where Nokia has a strong presence. However, there has been a decline in other markets. It will be interesting to see how HMD Global expands this initiative to cover other markets.



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