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Obesity’s Alarming Link to Diabetes: a Growing Concern in Delhi

In India, overweight or obese individuals with increased abdominal fat are common. Around 135 million people in the country are affected by overweight, obesity, or abdominal fat issues. This problem is prevalent not only among men but also among women. Central obesity, i.e., excess fat around the abdomen, is a significant factor contributing to diabetes, but it often goes unnoticed. Over 100 million people in India are struggling with diabetes, and an even larger number is at risk of developing it. Health experts suggest that central obesity is a major contributor to diabetes.

Connection between Obesity and Diabetes

Extensive research analysis shows that while general obesity is linked to various health issues, excess abdominal fat has a particularly significant impact on raising insulin levels, leading to diabetes. India has a high number of diabetes cases, and central obesity is emerging as a major contributing factor.

Prevalence of Obesity and Diabetes in Delhi

According to the National Family Health Survey-5, 4 out of 10 people in Delhi are affected by obesity or overweight, with 24% of women and 22.9% of men being obese. In terms of diabetes, every third person in Delhi is diabetic, and every fifth person is pre-diabetic.

Dangerous Level of Central Obesity Among Delhi Nurses

Clinical research conducted by GTB Hospital and Delhi University’s Department of Endocrinology reveals that out of 290 nurses and 206 regular women studied, 82.7% of nurses suffer from obesity. Both diabetes and pre-diabetes cases were more prevalent among nurses compared to regular women.

Genetic Factors Contributing to Obesity

The study found that Asian Indian phenotype, particularly the TCF7L2 gene, plays a role in Indian eating patterns, making them susceptible to central obesity. The Indian population shows a higher tendency for central obesity compared to Europeans, which may explain the higher prevalence of diabetes in India.

Importance of Avoiding Central Obesity

Dr. SV Madhu emphasizes the need to understand that central obesity, i.e., excess abdominal fat, is extremely detrimental to health and can lead to various diseases. He estimates that obesity can contribute to around 200 different health conditions.



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