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Rain Havoc in Uttarakhand: Agriculture Minister Announces Compensation for Farmers

There is havoc of rain from the mountains to the plains. Rain calamity has also become a problem in Uttarakhand. Several roads have been affected by landslides, and crops have also been damaged. In such a situation, Ganesh Joshi, the Agriculture Minister of Uttarakhand, who arrived in Delhi, has announced compensation for the farmers.

In Delhi, Uttarakhand’s Agriculture Minister Ganesh Joshi spoke to the media. During this time, he answered questions related to the damage to crops caused by rain in the state. He said that the government is serious about the losses suffered by farmers due to rain. The farmers whose crops have been destroyed will be compensated. Those farmers who have crop insurance will be compensated under the insurance. Meanwhile, for those farmers who have not taken crop insurance, the compensation will be according to the standards of the central government.

Report of the damage demanded within two days

Agriculture Minister Ganesh Joshi said that he has asked for a report on the damage to crops in which areas of the state due to rain. How much damage has been done to how many hectares of crops. How much percentage of damage has occurred. Detailed reports of all these have been demanded from the officers. Officials have clear instructions to assess the damage to the farmers’ crops within two days and submit the report to the government. After that, the process of providing compensation to the farmers will begin.

Government on alert regarding rain

Minister Ganesh Joshi has said that the Uttarakhand government is on alert regarding the rain. Teams are being sent to areas where landslides are occurring. Closed roads are being reopened. Along with that, an assessment of the damage is being done in areas where any losses are occurring, and the report is being submitted to the government. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami is closely monitoring the situation in Uttarakhand. For this purpose, a control room has also been set up.



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