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Rape Case Emerges in Dholpur: Search for Accused Underway as Incidents Rise in Rajasthan

Dholpur: Another major rape case has come to light in Dholpur district in eastern Rajasthan. In this incident, a neighbor entered a neighbor’s house when she was alone and later raped her. When the woman screamed for help, her husband and mother-in-law arrived. Upon seeing them, the accused fled the scene. The victim has filed a rape case against the accused neighbor. The police have registered the case based on the victim’s report and conducted a medical examination. The accused is being sought, but no leads have been found yet.

According to the police, the rape incident took place in the Angai Thana area of Dholpur district. Thana in-charge Ramnivas Meena stated that the victim filed the case on Monday. In her report, she mentioned that three days ago she was alone at home when her neighbor, who lives in the village, entered her house. The neighbor forcibly entered her room and locked the door. Afterward, he began to engage in inappropriate actions. When she resisted, she was verbally abused and physically assaulted. Eventually, he committed the act of rape against her.

A case has been registered against the accused under charges of rape and SC/ST (Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe) offenses. According to the victim, upon hearing her screams, her mother-in-law and husband arrived at the scene. Afterward, the accused managed to escape from the victim’s house. The police have registered the case under serious charges of rape and SC/ST offenses based on the report provided by the victim. The investigation is being conducted by the Sub-Divisional Police Officer of Sarmathura. The police are conducting raids at the suspected locations of the accused, but no leads have been found yet.

Incidents of rape and gang rape are increasing in Dholpur and Bharatpur. It is noteworthy that incidents of rape and gang rape have been consistently increasing in Dholpur and Bharatpur districts, which are adjacent to Uttar Pradesh in western Rajasthan. Recently, there has been a surge in cases of harassment and violence against SC and ST women. Although the police are making efforts to take prompt action in cases of rape and gang rape and provide relief to the victims, there are still many cases where the accused are evading arrest.



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