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The Delightful Journey of Irani Chai: A Taste of Hyderabad in Jamshedpur

In India, most people are fond of tea. Considering this, a wide variety of tea is available in the market. The famous Irani Chai from Hyderabad is served at the Delhi Darbar Hotel in Sakchi, Jamshedpur, and people are really enjoying this special tea. People from faraway places are coming here to taste a sip of it. The hotel manager, Shariq, told that the process of making Iranian tea is quite different from regular tea. Tea leaves are imported from Hyderabad to make it. The tea leaves and sugar are boiled in hot water throughout the night. It remains slowly heated for approximately 12 to 14 hours.

On the other hand, milk is boiled for three to four hours, which turns it red. The continuous boiling enhances its fragrance. When it’s time to serve the tea, hot milk is taken in a cup, and then the strained water from the boiled tea leaves is poured into it. The price of this special tea is 20 rupees per cup.

Mohammad Istak and Rohan Singh, who came to taste the tea at the Delhi Darbar Hotel, said that they are getting an opportunity to taste Irani Chai for the first time in Jamshedpur. This tea is quite famous in South India, but it is likely only available here in Jamshedpur. Its taste is amazing, and the price is reasonable as well.



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