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The Journey of Vindu Dara Singh as Hanuman in Ramayan: Overcoming Hesitations and Creating History

New Delhi. Ramayan, directed by Ramanand Sagar, created history in the world of television. The popularity of this series was such that the actors who portrayed the characters of Lord in the eyes of the audience were considered as gods in reality. One such character was Hanuman. While playing the role of “Hanuman” in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, Vindu Dara Singh left an indelible mark on the small screen. However, did you know that he initially hesitated to take on this role?

Having already established his identity in wrestling and films, Vindu Dara Singh was hesitant when Ramanand Sagar offered him the role of “Hanuman” in Ramayan. He initially declined to play this character, believing that he was too old for the role. The actor told the director that he was already 60 years old and a young actor should be chosen for the character of “Hanuman.”

But Ramanand Sagar did not give up, and he convinced Vindu Dara Singh to accept the role. Once he agreed to play the role, Vindu Dara Singh dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the character. He stopped consuming non-vegetarian food, which included drinking at least 2 liters of milk every day and eating half a kilogram of mutton. He practiced his character day and night.

The dialogues were dubbed

Interestingly, this actor, who was fluent in Punjabi, had difficulty speaking Hindi or any other language besides Punjabi. Most of his dialogues in “Ramayan” were dubbed.

Actresses would refuse to work with him

When Vindu Dara Singh became popular as “Hanuman,” many actresses were reluctant to work with him due to his towering height and build. The fear of appearing short in front of him made top actresses reject offers as soon as they heard his name.



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