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Twists and Turns in Etawah: Missing Husband Found with Another Woman, Wife Thanks Police

Etawah: These days, only the case of Jyoti Maurya and Alok Maurya is on everyone’s lips. Everyone is talking about it. Some are supporting Jyoti Maurya, while others are advocating for Alok Maurya and presenting their arguments. But in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, a reverse case has emerged where a wife has gone mad in the love of another woman and obtained a divorced husband. She is also thanking the Etawah police for this. After getting her husband, the woman says that no matter how he is, she is very grateful to the police for finding him.

In Etawah, a year after the wedding, the husband went missing, and in search of him, the wife made rounds wherever possible. Then, in search of her husband, the wife knocked on the door of the Etawah police. After the wife’s complaint, several teams of the police became active in the search for the missing husband. Finally, the Etawah police located the missing husband in Noida and handed him over to the woman.

Shivani Chaurasia, a resident of Uttari Pura in Bilhaur, Kanpur Dehat, got married to Shivam Chaurasia from Umarasenda village in Bharthana area of Etawah district on April 14, 2022. However, Shivam went missing since April 19, 2023. Although Shivam claimed to have returned within just 4 days. After her husband Shivam Chaurasia went missing, Shivani started investigating him at her level, and it was confirmed that he was staying with another woman in Noida. When Shivani got definite information about her husband’s involvement with another woman, she wrote a complaint letter to the police. Based on this complaint letter, SSP Sanjay Kumar of Etawah activated the Etawah police to search for Shivani’s husband. When the Etawah police became active, Shivam, the husband, who was working as a security guard in Noida, was apprehended. The police brought Shivam from Noida to Etawah and presented him before SSP, where Shivani identified him as her husband.

The SSP has given both of them strict instructions to live together in a normal manner. Suspicion is also being expressed regarding the husband’s behavior. The SSP also advised them to live their lives peacefully. Shivani Chaurasia has lodged a complaint stating that her husband has a relationship with a nearby woman, which is causing him to neglect her. The relationship with that woman, behind Shivam Chaurasia’s long disappearance, is being considered significant. Currently, SSP Sanjay Kumar of Etawah has advised both husband and wife to consult with counselors at the counseling center and lead a better life together. Shivani has expressed her gratitude to the Etawah police for bringing her husband back to her through the police.

Shivani said, “No matter how my husband is, I wanted him to be with me, and I approached the police for this. The police returned my husband to me. Now he should stay with me, and nothing else is needed. I thank the Etawah police from the bottom of my heart.” On the other hand, Shivam Chaurasia mentioned that he wanted to stay with his wife, but she was not ready to go to Noida, so he was working there and staying away. While Shivani and Shivam are expressing their respective views, there is some mention of a nearby woman between them, which has created distance between them. The Etawah police has brought them together, and it is hoped that they will live their lives together with improvement. Considering the nature of the complaint made by the woman, the police has taken Shivam’s apprehension very seriously.



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