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Two Massive Asteroids, Up to 120 Feet in Size, Approaching Earth on June 25: NASA

In space, the existence of an asteroid is as old as our solar system. Asteroids are scattered in space like rocks that cannot be called planets or comets. They have their own unique structure. The distance between two celestial bodies in the solar system is determined according to their orbits. However, this fact applies only to planets and their moons. Small celestial bodies can change their direction, so it is possible for asteroids and comets to deviate from their orbits. Since they are much smaller in size compared to planets, they can change their direction due to the effects of gravity and collide with planets. If an asteroid collides with Earth, it can cause significant damage to life and property. That’s why the American space agency NASA continuously tracks them.

In most cases, asteroids continue to orbit in their own paths, maintaining a distance from planets. However, when an asteroid enters a range of 7.5 million kilometers from Earth, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) issues an alert. JPL has recently issued alerts for two such asteroids.

NASA has issued an alert today for asteroid 2023 MU2. It is a small asteroid that is approaching Earth today. Its size is 16 feet, which can be considered as large as a car. It is coming close to Earth at a distance of approximately 2.1 lakh kilometers. Its entry into this range can pose a significant danger to Earth. However, NASA has not yet issued any information regarding the possibility of a collision.

Asteroid 2023 MF1 is also heading towards Earth today. It is much larger in size compared to asteroid 2023 MU2. JPL has reported its size as 120 feet. It will pass quite close to Earth. According to NASA, when it approaches Earth, the minimum distance between the two will be 1,930,000 kilometers. JPL has compared asteroid 2023 MF1 to a large passenger aircraft in terms of size. This means that it carries a significant risk due to its size.

Asteroids larger than 150 feet are considered dangerous for Earth. Asteroid 2023 MF1 is also quite large, and it can be considered dangerous for Earth. Asteroids are significant for space scientists because they have been present since the formation of the solar system. They can provide valuable information about the history of planets and even reveal insights about the history of the Sun. Therefore, scientists are studying asteroids and trying to understand them, including studying the fragments of comets. These asteroid fragments are often observed falling on Earth but burn up in the atmosphere due to friction with the air.

In addition to asteroids, fragments of comets also fall on Earth. Recently, there was news of a comet fragment falling in a house in Hopewell, New Jersey, USA. According to the report, it was described as a piece of a comet. The weight of this rocky fragment was approximately 1.8 kilograms. The parts of comets that do not burn completely fall on Earth. Similarly, asteroids can also fall on Earth, which is quite possible.



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