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Varisu Movie Tamil Watch, Download, Review Guide

No family is perfect, but still, it is necessary to nurture relationships because there is nothing like winning the world by losing loved ones. After not achieving anything special with his previous film “Beast” at the box office, Tamil superstar Thalapathy Vijay has returned with his Pongal release “Varisu,” bringing a perfect combo of action, emotion, comedy, and romance. In the film, he has given a message of “Family First” to his fans by portraying himself as a perfect family man.

While Telugu cinema’s “Baahubali,” “Pushpa,” and “RRR” have recently achieved tremendous success at the Hindi box office, the Hindi dubbed versions of Kannada cinema’s “KGF” and “Kantera” have also earned a fantastic income. Last year, Hindi-dubbed versions of Tamil superstars Ajith Kumar’s “Valimai,” Thalapathy Vijay’s “Beast,” and Chiyaan Vikram’s “PSV Garuda Vega” have been released. However, these films did not perform exceptionally well. Nevertheless, the attempts of Tamil stars to capture the Hindi box office continue. Thalapathy Vijay’s “Varisu” has been released in Hindi two days after its Tamil release. In “Varisu,” Vijay is in a fantastic form, breaking the first-day earning record at the Tamil box office.

The story of “Varisu” is such that Rajendran (played by S. Sarath Kumar), the owner of the country’s largest mining company, wants to control his three sons according to his own wishes. However, his youngest son Vijay (Thalapathy Vijay) refuses to become a part of his father’s business like his two elder brothers and leaves home. Vijay’s mother (Jaya Sudha) calls him back home on the occasion of his father’s 60th birthday. When Vijay returns home after seven years, he is surprised to see that although his family seems fine from the outside, it has fallen apart from within. A certain incident during a family function brings the family’s conflicts to the forefront. Vijay had planned to leave again, but when he learns about his father’s life-threatening illness, he decides to stay at home and set everything right. To find out how Vijay deals with enemies from his home to his business, you’ll have to go to the cinema.

The storyline of this film may seem ordinary, as you may have seen it in many Hindi films before, but director Vamshi Paidipally has presented it beautifully on the screen. In the first half of the film, he emotionally connects you to the story, and in the second half, Vijay appears in a tremendous action avatar. However, this nearly three-hour-long film could have been tightened on the editing table. The climax of the film is what you would expect in such films, but Vijay has breathed life into the film by seamlessly transitioning from action to emotion, comedy, and romance. He has delivered excellent acting. Rashmika Mandanna looks stunning on screen, but unfortunately, she has less screen space. S. Sarath Kumar has also given a powerful performance, and Jaya Sudha’s work is exceptional as well. Especially, the scenes between the mother and son are emotionally captivating. This film makes you laugh, cry, and teaches you valuable lessons in life. If you want to watch a clean and wholesome family entertainer film at the beginning of the year, you can grab a ticket for this film.

How to watch or download Varisu Tamil Movie

You can watch Varisu Tamil Movie on Amazon Prime.


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