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Zongshen Unveils Yan Ruyu: the Stylish and Futuristic Electric Bike Changing Perspectives

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Zongshen has introduced a new electric bike called Yan Ruyu. The new electric bike is ready to change the public’s perspective on two-wheelers, bringing a transformation in the design of electric bikes with the attractive slogan “Out of the Circle in Fashion, Travel Freely.” Here, we are providing you with information about the Yan Ruyu electric bike.

Design of the Yan Ruyu Electric Bike

The Yan Ruyu electric bike can handle a weight of up to 25 kilograms, making it ideal for grocery runs. It is available in three color options: Pristine White, Charming Pink, and Timeless Black. Additionally, there are four different color series – Jingxuan Light Pink, Half Sugar Purple, Taffeta White, and Swan Grey – that offer riders customization options to create a unique bike according to their preferences. The Yan Ruyu features a sleek design with car convex mirrors, integrated anti-glare dashboard on the handlebar, and an advanced dashboard that displays power consumption and driving data while showcasing the bike’s futuristic appeal.

Power of the Yan Ruyu Electric Bike

According to itHome, the Yan Ruyu is equipped with a 400W motor powered by a 48V12AH battery. It comes with 3.0-10 tubeless tires that provide a comfortable and smooth ride. For safety, the bike has front and rear hub brakes and hydraulic shock absorbers that offer better control and stability.

The right handlebar of the Yan Ruyu features speed adjustment and controls for the lights, providing an ergonomic and user-friendly custom interface. Speaking of dimensions, the Yan Ruyu measures 1710mm in length, 740mm in width, 1045mm in height, with a seat height of 720mm and a pedal area length of 420mm. The bike’s design makes it suitable for daily rides. Currently, there is no information available about the price of the Yan Ruyu.



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